Apr 132016

Financial stability is must for every people life as it is the only reason because of which the person can complete all its luxuries needs and requirements and also overcome all his/her desires and also raise their standard of living. It is not possible that every person has the same amount of money always with them because the time situation changes with the time and if in case a person is in need of cash in emergency and does not able to get any source outside then he/she can prefer to have loan from bank where they can get money in exchange of something that is kept with the bank as guarantee according to the contract.

Short term and long term loans;

There are many loan organization that help you in providing loan in your difficult situations and help you in making your financial condition better than the before as they are the people that help you in growing with new steps so that you don’t face this such problem again. 12 Loans (12 month loan provider) is also one of the loan organizations that help you in all these cases and making you stank again in the society. They help you in providing unsecured loans, personal loans, signature loans and installment loan so that you can choose according to your requirement and needs and by taking this loan you will save your time, energy and mind as they complete all your needs and demands and also make you confident in investing at the right time so that you can pay the loan on time. They also help you in getting the loan for short term and long term period of time so that it is easily convenient to you in all the ways. Difference between long term loans and short term are;

  • Short term loans; these loans are for short period of time and have low interest rates as compared to other loans and have to pay back the money within the short period of time and thee loans are easily affordable and you don’t have to pay much.
  • Long term loans; these loans are long period of time and have high interest rates and have to pay more money as interest rate is so high.

Types of loans;

12Loans offer with different types of loans like;

  • Fast lending; the ancient procedure of lending loan is to go to bank, fill the application form, then wait in a queue to submit and then wait for long to get approved and then after that you get the money from the bank but now in this modern world you don’t have to go through all these procedure, you can now also get the loan online easily by getting yourself register online without waiting in a queue and online companies will verify with all your documents and income and all your details are kept personal and confidential with the company polices.
  • Repayments and flexible loans; under this you get a great opportunity of repaying the loan by lowering the interest rate as under this it is not necessary to pay the loan monthly but also you can pay the loan after every 2 weeks which can lower the interest rates and can take flexible loan easily.
  • No loan fees; while taking the loan online and completing all the procedures online easily you don’t have to pay loan fees as there are any charges for taking loan and also the agents don’t ask you any kind of money. All the loan procedure are free of cost only you just have to submit all the legal documents for getting the loan amount.
Feb 142016

Secured loans are useful if you are in a need of a large sum of money in a small period of time. It is an agreement that is backed with using the property owned by the borrower.

Therefore this kind of loans are available only to people who possess some kind of property that can cover up the loan in case the borrower cant re pay the loan that was borrowed. The minimal sum that can be borrowed with secured loans is £ 20,000 and the maximum is £ 150,000 however the amount that you can borrow is the amount how much your property is worth.

Good thing about secured loans is that you can borrow a large sum of money that you can use in buying a car, organizing a wedding, vacation building a new house and much more.

The repayment periods on secured loans are longer and they can take from 10 up to 15 years to re pay the loan that was borrowed, and with a standard and normal income it is easy to cover up the loan on the monthly basis. But if the borrower doesn’t keep up with re paying the loan that was borrowed he/she can risk in losing their house or something else.

With secured guarantor loans a guarantor is there to guarantee for you, that you will be able to repay the loan that was borrowed. Guarantors are basically your back up in the process in making a secured loan, they can help you if you cannot repay all of the loan that you borrowed that is why mostly guarantors are members from your family or close friends. Not anyone can be a guarantor, it takes a lot of trust and obligations for the guarantor to accept his role in making of the secured guarantor loan. Guarantor Lender won 2016’s lender of the year award, might be a good place to start.

Secured loans are mainly large loans because they hold your property until you repay the loan that you borrowed, that is the reason why the loan can be repaid in the large period of time, it is all made in that way to help the borrower repay his loan without going in a debt.

Over 40% of people in the United Kingdom have decided to make secured guaranteed loans. And continue with their lives with a lot easier lifestyle, without stress and problems.

But before deciding to make a secured guaranteed loan you should be careful, if you are not in the position to re pay the loan that you borrowed you will probably stay without your household or any kind of property that you want to put in the agreement. Also you should consider other options before rushing and deciding if this is the loan that you need, if this is the best way to get out of a debt, or the fastest way to buy a new home.

Beside secured loans there are unsecured loans that don’t require you to have some kind of valuable property, you just need to have a stable income.